Welcome to AA Network Solutions,

We are a small professional company offering,  great priced solutions for your company or for your home.

Founded in 2005,

I setup MCRP Group in 2005 and added AA Network Solutions to the mix.

This helped me give you the customer more incentives and discounts on our products and services. We like to bespoke all of our services and products as every customer is different, so why have a package that is set in stone as it were.

Running a company has its ups and downs for anyone but I am happy that all my customers are happy with the work provided to them.  One of my big jobs in the past for to fit out a motorcycle company in Swansea with a new network, phone system, windows server. which I did and is still running to this day with its modern BCM 50 system and it’s new server cabinets and gigabit switches and patch bays. we even made the bcm run down to all the network ports fitted meaning you could move a phone anywhere there was a network port, the system is so easy. My voice is even still on that phone system to this day.

I’ve been asked in that past why don’t I offer maintenance contracts and call out service etc. well guess what, I do. The price is reasonable and is tailored to each of my clients

we have been providing professional services from computer repair to fitting of cctv equipment,  we also offer white label third party services,  so there are more options to the customer.

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AA Network Solutions Team – Part of  MCRP Group