Business phone systems give allot of people headaches, but at AA Network Solutions, we make the choice and process easy we have even, been hired to act on the Businesses behalf to help them get what they want without all the technical Gorgon, we make it an easy and effortless process.

We Recommend and believe in the Nortel BCM System weather it be a small expandable system Called a BCM 50.

Why we recommend the Nortel BCM (Business Communications Manager) Systems, here is the info on the BCM 50 System;

BCM50 is a fantastic system

  • Number 1 small/medium system in the world
  • One of the highest reliability ratings in the industry
  • A sound Investment

However, technology has changed – over 14 years of development means that customers can now get much more from their Communications platform.

Customers have changed – with the advent of the digital economy, they now expect more – E-mail, voicemail, 24/7 working).

So how will BCM50 benefit you the customer?

  • It can Increase Efficiency– BT BCM50 supports unified messaging, which can deliver voice and fax mail into a single email inbox. This means that the user has only one interface for all their communications, with the ability to easily prioritise and access their work.

  • It can Reduce Costs– Auto Attendant, CCR and DDI can automate call handling without the need to employ a dedicated operator.

  • It can Improve Customer Service– This means that your customers should experience faster call handling, and where necessary be directed to the person best qualified to deal with their enquiry.

  • It protects your customers investment – BCM50 is a future proof converged solution, meaning that the investment your customer makes today will be safeguarded for a far longer period than a traditional telephone system.
  • It is a very Scalable system – BT BCM50 can grow to support up to 30 digital lines and 48 extensions. As and when you want to add specific applications this can be done with the activation of a key code, without the need for additional hardware..

Just remember that’s just the small phone system they come in different sizes here are two of the standards;

  • BCM50 – for up to 50 employees
  • BCM450 – for up to 300 employees

So if you just need help or want us to help you out with the install, just drop us a call and we will help you as much as we can.

Just another service we provide to you the customer so you don’t have to do it all alone.